India race quotes: Ferrari

India race quotes: Ferrari

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India race quotes: Ferrari


Fernando Alonso – 11th: “Today, the problem I had on the first lap compromised my entire race, because we had to immediately change the nose and with one extra stop, without any opportunity to overtake, it was all an uphill struggle. In front of me, Webber touched someone and then me, then at turn 4 I also touched with Button. The steering felt very heavy in right hand turns and the only thing to do was pit. If you look at Webber’s race or Perez’s then I’d say our strategy was good, because when the others began to pit, those two were leading, but it’s also true that it went well for those who started on the Softs. I must congratulate Vettel, because in this, as in other sports, it’s the best that win. I’m a bit sad at not having scored points for the Constructors’ title, but now, if we want to take that second place, we have to do better in the next three races and try to always finish on the podium, at least with one car, if not both”.

Felipe Massa – 4th: “That was a nice race and I am very happy, because the strategy worked. I managed to always run at a good pace, even with the Soft tyres. Here, I could have fought for the podium, but as the track evolved, some cars, such as Grosjean in the Lotus, managed to make just one stop, which was impossible for us. I lost a position to Rosberg, who came in early for his second stop, but I have to be happy with this day when we made no mistakes. Today, we lost second place in the Constructors’ classification, because Mercedes was very quick and we are well aware, that even if it won’t be easy, there are still three races and we will do our utmost right to the very end. I want to congratulate Sebastian, who deserves everything he has achieved so far. I am really happy for him, because he is a great driver and a very nice guy. From today, his name will sit alongside the greatest drivers in the history of Formula One, such as Senna, Schumacher and few others”.

Stefano Domenicali: “First and foremost, it’s right and proper to congratulate Sebastian and Red Bull for their fourth consecutive world title. These are moments that we are well aware are extraordinary, but obviously, we hope that all the hard work we are doing aimed at the future, will be able to interrupt this run of success. Our race today was one of two sides: a positive one for Felipe, who drove a truly amazing opening lap and then Fernando’s, unfortunately ruined by a contact with Webber at the first corner. Without that, we would have brought home more points, which are vital if we want to finish second in the Constructors’ Championship. There are three races to go, everything is absolutely still possible and we have an obligation to push right to the end in a very close fight, for the runner-up position”.

Pat Fry: “Congratulations to Red Bull, who took the title thanks to a better technical package and to Vettel, who managed to always drive with great consistency: they both deserve this success. As for today’s race, the result of this Grand Prix leaves a bitter sweet taste in the mouth. We can be pleased with the outcome of Felipe’s race, as his finishing place was better than we had predicted. He got a great start and managed the tyres well, especially the Softs, which he ran up until lap 8. He maintained a good pace, keeping Hamilton behind him. It’s just a shame he couldn’t do the same with Rosberg, even if we must admit that his Mercedes had that little bit more than us. I am very disappointed for Fernando, who could have got a great result today as both strategies proved to be worthwhile. Breaking the front wing after the contact with Webber left him with serious understeer and, at that moment, bringing him in earlier than planned, which was the only thing we could do, naturally compromised his race. Despite this handicap, Fernando tried all he knew to make up as many places as possible and he deserved to have finished in the points. Now we are immediately looking ahead to Abu Dhabi: there we will try and turn around the situation in the Constructors’ Championship, because second place is absolutely within our grasp”.

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