Magnussen sure he is ready for top F1 ride

Magnussen sure he is ready for top F1 ride

Formula 1

Magnussen sure he is ready for top F1 ride


Kevin Magnussen is certain he will be ready to race for a top team in Formula 1 if he is given the opportunity.

McLaren is pushing for the recently-crowned Formula Renault 3.5 champion to race at the top level next season, with Lotus, Force India and Marussia among the teams he has been linked with. The Dane also remains an outside contender to race for McLaren, should it opt to drop Sergio Perez, and believes he could cut it at the front.

“Yes, if I get the chance with a big team then it would be because they expect me to deliver the results,” said Magnussen when asked whether he feels ready for a drive with a leading team. “I would only be chosen for a good team if they think I am the best solution, so of course they would expect that.

“I feel ready. I’ve won in everything I’ve driven so why would that stop in F1?”

The 21-year-old admits that the relative lack of testing will be a disadvantage but is confident he can overcome it if he steps into an F1 drive with any team next season. Magnussen has just over 1000kms of testing under his belt for McLaren and believes that drivers cannot be as well-prepared as they once were. But while he accepts experience is of value, he is hopeful he has done enough to prove he warrants a place on the grid.

“If I could test all year, every week, then it would make me more ready,” he said. “When I say I am ready, I feel ready but I’m not ready in the same way as drivers were 10 years ago because they were testing all the time.

“I don’t think any driver will ever be as ready again. It has changed in that way. Experience counts for a lot these days. Any team that will chose me will chose me because they think I am the best solution. I hope that I have done a good enough job this year that I’m worth it.”

Magnussen would not be drawn on the possibility of racing for McLaren in 2014, but he did admit that he hopes it could be possible.

“I couldn’t say, I don’t know,” he said. “I hope so. That’s all I can say.”

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