Mercedes pair want Brawn to stay

Mercedes pair want Brawn to stay

Formula 1

Mercedes pair want Brawn to stay


Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg admit it would be a shame if Ross Brawn were to leave the Mercedes F1 team, amid speculation about the boss’s future.

Brawn has been considering his future for several months now, with Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda saying talks were still ongoing. Hamilton, who admitted Brawn played a big role in his decision to leave McLaren for Mercedes, is still hoping the Briton will stay on.

“We had some really good conversations when we sat together before I made my decision [to switch teams],” Hamilton said. “He took me through where the team was going and was very influential in bringing me to the team.

“He’s a great boss. I enjoy working with him. I don’t know what his plans are for the future but I’d like him to stay.

“Ross is a very friendly guy. I grew up watching him on TV and so I had an idea what he was like. He’s a very easy-going guy, very approachable, and he’s very much responsible for the atmosphere he has helped create in the team.”

Teammate Rosberg echoed Hamilton’s thoughts about his desire for Brawn to stay, but the German is sure Mercedes has enough leaders capable of doing a good job.

“For me, it would be great if he stays because I get on well with him and I think he’s a great team principal,” said Rosberg. “At the same time, I have confidence in the team leadership’s ability to make sure that we have a solid future whatever his decision is because we have a lot of great strength in the team as it is now.”

Rosberg praised Brawn’s role as a leader after managing to make Mercedes a winning team again.

“People respect him and he respects people, so it goes both ways. The mentality he brings to the team is very strong and his general competence, of course.”