Ferrari: Teams must do more for Pirelli

Ferrari: Teams must do more for Pirelli

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Ferrari: Teams must do more for Pirelli


Ferrari says Pirelli needs more help from Formula 1 teams to perfect its tires, after it came in for fresh criticism in Korea.

Both Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber hit out at the current era of high degrading tires, suggesting that the fact drivers were having to conserve rubber even on qualifying laps was abnormal.

Alonso’s comments led to a public spat between the Spaniard and Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery, and the latter apologized for personal remarks he had made.

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali, who met with both Alonso and Hembery on race morning, thinks that teams needs to do more to help.

“We had a meeting to clarify this issue together with Fernando,” explained Domenicali. “He apologized and I think that we need to look forward. It is important that things have to be rectified all together.

“It is important to hear the frustrations of the driver to make sure that they can do a better job, and it is important to also have their [Pirelli’s] view, because if you are not able to give to them the possibility to test then that is also not correct. To make sure we have a good show we need to test. You can stay all your life in the simulator but you will not solve the issue of the tires, and not only the tires.

“Looking to the future with a totally new car, we need to help Pirelli to make sure we have some more tests for them. Otherwise I can understand the situation is frustrating because there are difficulties to overcome.”


Alonso’s criticisms of the tires met with a terse response from Hembery, who suggested that the Spaniard should learn about how to drive the tires from Sebastian Vettel.

Alonso said he was happy that the matter had been closed, but he stands by his original criticisms of the tires.

“I didn’t know if the comments were right or not, so we called him [Hembery] here just to explain if he said that,” said Alonso. “He didn’t know the complete sentence and he apologized. It’s good from him to apologize after a mistake because he misunderstood what we were saying.

“We said that the tires were not able to do five kilometers, which is a fact, not words. We said that there are marbles. You have two meters of racing line; it’s a fact, not words.

“And we have problems this year with the tires, we saw the last one with [Sergio] Perez today. It is a fact, not words.”