Vettel: Ricciardo inexperience doesn't matter

Vettel: Ricciardo inexperience doesn't matter

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Vettel: Ricciardo inexperience doesn't matter


Sebastian Vettel has no concerns that Red Bull’s title prospects next year will be compromised by him having an inexperienced teammate in Daniel Ricciardo.

With Ferrari having openly declared that Kimi Raikkonen’s experience was key to it signing him over Nico Hulkenberg, Red Bull will be heading in to the 2014 campaign with its drivers having the fewest combined starts among the big outfits that have confirmed their lineups.

But rather than thinking a lack of experience is a problem, Vettel believes the key to success will be a hard work ethic. Asked if he feared Red Bull would be weakened against Ferrari by having a youngster like Ricciardo on board, Vettel said: “No, I don’t think so. The best way to build up experience is to practice.

“For next year, with a lot of new things coming in, it probably doesn’t matter so much if you have been around the last couple of years. The most important thing will be how determined you are and how willing you are to work, to develop and to try to push the team forward, the car forward, with all it needs.

“There are the hours it needs on the track, and back in the simulator, so I think there will be a lot of boring work to do for the drivers. But it is part of the job and it will drive you forward when it matters on the track.”