Formula E to use all-weather tires

Formula E to use all-weather tires

Formula E

Formula E to use all-weather tires


Formula E will become one of the first major open-wheel championships to run an all-weather tire.

The all-electric Spark-Renault SRT_01E, which was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show on Tuesday, features 18-inch rims, fitted with a treaded Michelin tire that will be used in both wet and dry conditions, eliminating the need for tire changes unless conditions are exceptionally wet.

“Michelin chose the Frankfurt show to reveal its new-generation 18-inch racing tires which stand out as a first in the world of single-seater racing cars,” said Michelin’s motorsport director Pascal Couasnon. “We designed them to be both energy-efficient and more like road tires. As a consequence, the new FIA Formula E Championship will serve as a life-size laboratory that will help Michelin to prepare its tires of the future.”

According to Formula E boss Alejandro Agag, the decision to run treaded tires as opposed to a more traditional slick tire was an easy one.

“The decision is in line with the whole philosophy of the championship,” he said. “Less rubber, less consumption, green tires, and almost road tires. That makes the decision an obvious one.

“Michelin actually was very clear that was the line that it wanted to take, and that was the same line we wanted to take, so it was all very easy.”

Agag also confirmed that each team will be given three sets of tires per weekend to run across its two cars, equating to a set and a half per car. Those six tires will be all the car will be permitted to use throughout practice, qualifying and the races.