Alonso will accept Ferrari driver call

Alonso will accept Ferrari driver call

Formula 1

Alonso will accept Ferrari driver call


Fernando Alonso insists that whoever Ferrari decides to pick as his teammate for the 2014 Formula 1 season will be positive for him.

Amid growing speculation that Kimi Raikkonen is closing on a return to Maranello, Alonso has made it clear that he has no qualms about who he is paired with.

Alonso has been a staunch supporter of current teammate Felipe Massa, and was eager for him to remain, but he is confident that Ferrari will ultimately make the right call on its 2014 lineup. Writing in response to fans’ questions about his future teammate, Alonso said: “It’s not possible for me to talk of any name for next year because I have a lot of respect for Felipe.

“We’ve been working very hard and close for four years to give Ferrari the maximum. Whatever decision the team will take will be good for me, and we will keep working to give Ferrari the best results possible.”

Ferrari is expected to announce its driver plans imminently, with the team having deliberately waited until after its home race in Italy to finalize the matter. Lotus is still pushing to convince Raikkonen to stay, and it is understood that the outfit has had no indication so far that those efforts have failed.

A Ferrari decision to sign Raikkonen would be a change of policy at the team, which has based most of its efforts around Alonso and his title ambitions in recent years. There has been talk that Alonso is unhappy about the mooted arrival of Raikkonen because of the potential compromises it would have on his own championship hopes. However, despite widespread rumours that he was considering options elsewhere, Alonso insisted that Ferrari was his focus.

“It’s a way of living,” he said. “My team, my second family, my friends.”

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