Hamilton: Vettel form not depressing

Hamilton: Vettel form not depressing

Formula 1

Hamilton: Vettel form not depressing


Lewis Hamilton insists Sebastian Vettel’s ongoing dominance of Formula 1 is not depressing.

Vettel’s victory in the Italian Grand Prix means he is closing in on a fourth consecutive F1 title. While his main rivals have struggled to match the pace of the Red Bull driver, Hamilton is adamant that it is not disheartening seeing a rival continually doing so well.

“It’s not depressing,” he said. “Sebastian is driving very well, as he should do as a world champion, so you have to give credit to him, and he is a nice guy. He’s also got the best car and he is delivering with it. He’s not making any mistakes.

“We’ll keep pushing we’re a good team, and I do feel we can beat them in some races moving forward. But even if I win every race and he finishes second then it [the title] is impossible.”

Hamilton says that any frustration he feels is simply down to him not being able to reward his team for its effort. In Italy, he claimed he drove “like an idiot” in qualifying, and then wrote off his title chances immediately after the race before changing his mind later on.

“After qualifying, I handled it probably the best I’ve ever done,” he said. “I was angry within myself, like I always am, but I got over it way, way faster than I ever have.

“I turned it into a positive and I arrived at the track energized and excited, felt really good in the race, pushed, drove harder than ever and I really felt like I had nothing left in my heart at the end of it. But I was angry because it sucks when you do all that work and you only make up three places and get two points.

“That’s the way it goes, and we’ll improve for the next races. We’ve got a competitive car, we’ll get back ahead of the Ferraris, and I believe we can do that from here on.”