Rossi: Silverstone needs changes

Rossi: Silverstone needs changes


Rossi: Silverstone needs changes


Valentino Rossi believes sections of Silverstone are too risky for MotoGP and need to be altered in the wake of a crash-strewn British Grand Prix.

The seven-time champion said Vale corner was his most serious concern, as riders have to contend with a bumpy, undulating surface just as they start braking. A number of riders fell at the corner over the weekend, most notably in the warm-up when Cal Crutchlow and Marc Marquez crashed in quick succession.

The Spaniard dislocated his shoulder in the accident, briefly putting his race participation in doubt, while his Honda ploughed into Crutchlow’s stricken Tech 3 Yamaha and only narrowly avoided the on-scene marshals.

Rossi believes the crashes derive from the uneven surface, and called upon Silverstone to investigate making changes.

“It’s a very dangerous place,” Rossi said of Vale. “You brake on the bumps and the tire has a lot of load; it unloads on the crests and it is very easy to lose the front.”

Asked if he thought the circuit should make changes, he added: “For me it is a good idea to try and make it more flat. I don’t know if it is possible, but you have to try — it is too risky for MotoGP.”