Raikkonen: I'll trust my gut instinct

Raikkonen: I'll trust my gut instinct

Formula 1

Raikkonen: I'll trust my gut instinct


Kimi Raikkonen says his 2014 Formula 1 team choice will be based on his own gut feeling and he fully expects critics to say he has made a “stupid” decision.

The 2007 world champion is vying with Daniel Ricciardo for the Red Bull seat left vacant by Mark Webber’s Porsche World Endurance Championship move, and also has the option to remain with current team Lotus.

Despite Red Bull’s recent domination of F1, Raikkonen says either decision could turn out to be wrong in the long term, so he would be choosing on instinct.

“There is going to be the overall package and whatever feels right for me,” he said. “Whatever the decision will be might feel stupid to somebody else, it might just feel right for me.

“I have no idea what will happen, we have to wait and see what will come, but hopefully whatever it will be it will be the right choice. Basically everything has to feel right. It the end it comes down to whatever I think is the right one.

“There will be no guarantee the choice will be a good one in the long run but I am fine with whatever the outcome will be. You live with your choices.”

He also played down the importance of teams’ PR stipulations in his decision-making process.

“There are a lot of rumors about PR days, that we have 10 [at Lotus] and some other teams have hundreds…” said Raikkonen. “I’ve been in most of the top teams and I know exactly how it goes. Everybody has a different way of counting the days and it’s not going to be a deciding factor.”