FIA adjusts non-TV media pit rules

FIA adjusts non-TV media pit rules

Formula 1

FIA adjusts non-TV media pit rules


The FIA has now also restricted access to the pitlane for journalists and photographers, as part of an ongoing safety clampdown.

Following discussions ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, the FIA has decided that only 25 members of the media, including both photographers and writers, will be allowed into the pits during practice sessions. Special pitlane tabards will be issued to a maximum 25 members of the media ahead of each session. Requests to be considered for a tabard must be made before the race weekend.

The decision comes at the same time as FOM looks set to ease a blanket ban that it imposed on camera crews and related personnel.

FOM controls broadcaster access rather than the FIA, which handles non-TV media. FOM originally stated that no camera crews would be allowed in the pits during any session. However, it is now understood that FOM will also allow one cameraman and one reporter from each of its broadcasters.

A total ban on media members in the pits for qualifying and the race remains in place, although the FIA will allow certain camera crews to work from the pit wall.