Red Bull proud of its tire stance

Red Bull proud of its tire stance

Formula 1

Red Bull proud of its tire stance


Red Bull boss Christian Horner says he is proud his team stood by its criticism of the 2013 Pirelli F1 tires in the first part of the season.

Both the Red Bull Racing squad and company chief Dietrich Mateschitz were highly critical of the Pirellis’ high-degradation nature earlier this year. That prompted jibes from rivals who felt the champion team was only complaining because it was struggling to handle the tires.

Horner reckons others shared Red Bull’s view but were less forthcoming.

“We were just being honest; we weren’t hiding behind the issue and being politically correct,” he said. “We were just being honest about the situation, that we thought it was too marginal. We were saying what a lot of people were telling us in private but perhaps didn’t have the balls to say in public.

“I think our position has been totally persistent and thankfully something has been done. Whether that disadvantages or helps us, I have got no idea. I don’t think in reality it changes anything. I just think it is better for Formula 1.”

Horner insisted Red Bull’s stance was about what was right for the sport rather than its own competitiveness.

“I think what we could see early on is that we have got a quick car, but the tires were becoming a very dominant factor,” he said. “Our comments about the tires were consistent all the way from Melbourne to Silverstone.

“Nothing changed, even though we’d managed to win three races up to that point we felt that they were too marginal and that it wasn’t right for the drivers to having to drive so far within themselves and there were issues with the tires sustaining damage.

“I think with the changes that have been made recently, really since Montreal, we have seen the drivers being able to push much harder in the races and really test each other.”