McLaren to use testers at Silverstone

McLaren to use testers at Silverstone

Formula 1

McLaren to use testers at Silverstone


Jenson Button and Sergio Perez are to skip this week’s test at Silverstone, with McLaren electing to stick with its test drivers instead.

Although race drivers are allowed to take part on one day of the young driver test that runs from Wednesday until Friday, McLaren believes it is better off running its development drivers instead. The team has announced that Kevin Magnussen will drive on the first day, followed by Oliver Turvey on Thursday and Gary Paffett on Friday.

At the German Grand Prix, Button had questioned the value of running at the test because there was only one type of tire available. McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh says the focus of efforts this week will be on experimenting with its troublesome MP4-28 to try to understand it more.

“The Silverstone young driver test will be an extremely useful opportunity for us to conduct further investigative work into the effects of aerodynamic and mechanical changes to the car,” he said. “Just as importantly, it’ll be a proper opportunity for our test and development drivers to further develop their knowledge and understanding of modern Formula 1 machinery, while simultaneously allowing them to help us refine the correlation between the track and the simulator.”

Silverstone test line-up as announced by teams so far:

Team Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Red Bull Da Costa Da Costa Sainz
Lotus Prost Valsecchi Raikkonen
Force India TBA TBA TBA
McLaren Magnussen Turvey Paffett
Toro Rosso TBA TBA TBA
Sauber Frijns Frijns/Hulkenberg Sato
Williams Juncadella Maldonado Wolff
Marussia Ellinas Gonzalez Gonzalez

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