TV crews banned from F1 pitlane

TV crews banned from F1 pitlane

Formula 1

TV crews banned from F1 pitlane


Formula 1 camera crews and broadcast personnel will be banned from the pitlane during all sessions from now on, the sport’s commercial rights holder has said.

Just 24 hours after the FIA announced that it was clamping down on pitlane access during qualifying and the races in the wake of an FOM cameraman being hit by a flying wheel in Germany, further restrictions have been imposed. In an e-mail that was sent to Formula 1’s broadcasters on Wednesday, Formula One Management has made it clear that it has tightened up pitlane restrictions.

The notification says that FOM will no longer allow personnel, including camera crews, pitlane access during any session.

FOM cameraman Paul Allen suffered broken ribs, a broken collarbone and concussion after being hit by a wheel that had fallen off Mark Webber’s Red Bull car during a botched pit stop.

Media were already banned from the pitlane during qualifying and the race, but the new extended restrictions will impact on those broadcasters that covered practice sessions from the pitlane.

The FIA was expected to have received a report from Red Bull earlier on Wednesday detailing its findings into the causes of the Nurburgring incident. The report will be shared with all teams to try and improve safety.

It is not clear if the FOM restrictions will allow camera crews to be stationed on the pit wall during sessions, with the FIA having suggested that certain media will be allowed there during qualifying and the races.