Hamilton: Red Bull can be held at bay

Hamilton: Red Bull can be held at bay

Formula 1

Hamilton: Red Bull can be held at bay


Lewis Hamilton thinks it will be hard but not impossible to hold Sebastian Vettel behind him for victory in the German Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver bounced back from a troubled final practice session, where he admitted to being lost on set-up, to edge out Vettel for the top spot on the Nurburgring grid on his final flying lap. But with uncertainties about the long-run form of the set-up direction he chose, and how new Pirelli rears will fare in the race, Hamilton knows he faces a tough challenge if he is to convert his pole position into his first win of the campaign. Mercedes has made good progress in recent races with its tire form, though, and Hamilton reckons there is still plenty to play for.

“I think it is going to be very hard,” he said about his race chances. “The Red Bulls have made a step this weekend, and I think a lot of teams have made a step forward.

“[Mark] Webber said to me that the tires seemed to work on his car, so I think perhaps they have potentially gained a bigger advantage than we have with this switch of tires. His long run was very strong the other day, so I anticipate they will both be strong tomorrow — but of course it would help if we could get into Turn 1 in the lead and hold them behind.

“We still have degradation issues, so it is not something that we have completely cured, but I don’t think it is impossible. And I have a new setup, so we don’t know how it will work on a long run. I go in there with my fingers crossed and hope it works well.”


Mercedes appeared to be behind Red Bull with its long-run pace during Friday afternoon, but team principal Ross Brawn thinks that fluctuating track conditions and temperatures make things much more difficult to predict for the race.

“We obviously don’t know what fuel they had; although they certainly looked to be in better shape on Friday afternoon than we were,” said Brawn. “That is why we made some changes to the cars to try and improve that, but we seemed to go backward.

“The track tomorrow is going to be very different to what we saw on Friday afternoon and I think it is going to be pretty challenging tomorrow with the heat and keeping the tires together.

“Tomorrow will be tough. Red Bull did look good on Friday afternoon but they have to anticipate the changes they need to make to carry that performance into Sunday, as it will be 10-15 degrees hotter tomorrow than it was on Friday.”