Brawn still in control of his own future

Brawn still in control of his own future

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Brawn still in control of his own future


Ross Brawn’s future at Mercedes remains entirely for him to decide, insists the firm’s motorsport chief Toto Wolff, despite his potential replacement Paddy Lowe beginning work at the team early.

Lowe was mooted as Brawn’s successor when news of his move from McLaren broke earlier this year. The British Grand Prix was Lowe’s first with Mercedes and for now he will work alongside Brawn.

Asked who would decide the timescale for a Brawn/Lowe transition, Wolff replied: “There is no transition, yet. He [Ross] is the boss. He decides about any transition and this is something we will be discussed at a later stage. But it is not on our agenda at the moment.”

Brawn said Lowe had already had a positive impact on Mercedes.

“It was a bonus getting Paddy so early, we didn’t expect it,” said Brawn. “What we have agreed is for him to spend the rest of this year looking at how we are operating, perhaps where we are at a good level and where we can improve from his experience. Paddy is a quite constructive guy and that is proving useful.”